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Because we care about our customers’ needs and we know that human resources and training areas have a key role in the growth of the company, we provide you with these solutions as an important tool to the management process and human resources retainment.

Human Profiler Cloudhire

Cloudhire is a trustworthy choice for companies in constant search of fresh talents and for talents in search of a new job. Quality, seriousness and trust, these are the value guidelines our team follows. Knowing that we are dealing with people and corporate professional future, we strive to contribute towards a successful career and a competitive business. This service is provided to national and international corporations, helping them with the recruitment and selection processes, at all levels and in different areas of professional expertise. Maintaining an updated resume is crucial for a competitive standing during your search for job offers. This application was developed to support open television broadcast, as well as all kinds of multimedia contents known by Microsoft's operational systems, as for instance, videos, RSS, power-point and others.

Human Profiler Gamification

In the current context of the labour market, with more and more information accessible to all business structures and the increasing level of availability that each organization asks from its employees, a transformation took place in the training process (essential to ensure the permanent growth of individuals and organizations). It is imperative to motivate employees to engage in regular training, which guarantees a level of knowledge retention and a return on the short and medium term investment. The Gamification is a customizable application that enables every organization’s training / training teams. The interaction is individual and / or collective and the goal is that employees become experts in certain content.

Human Profiler - Graphic Gamification

Gamification has provided a concrete and innovative response to the executive training:

  1. 1.  Customized App for executive training academy;
  2. 2.  Reduces the market time, training the teams at one click
  3. 3.  Design our clients contents as Quiz to challenge the teams knowledge;
  4. 4.  Engages teams to the training programs;
  5. 5.  Defies the teams to be challenged on knowledge;
  6. 6.  Designs different training levels to support users, in different interactions;
  7. 7.  Uses analytic methods to measure all knowledge retention;
  8. 8.  Includes videos to support the training process;
  9. 9.  Uses the mobile training program to highlight individual and teams;

Human Profiler Concept

The learning concept is based on the Quizz "Who wants to be a millionaire" of a particular knowledge. In this learning perspective, knowledge and retention will result from learning by practice and error. The healthy competition between employees for knowledge and the opportunity to be challenged through it, contributes to the dynamic among the participants. This solution guarantees recognition, status and achievement, making the interaction between user-knowledge-organization fundamental.

Human Profiler Contents

The contents are customized to individuals, teams, leadership profiles or any organization, being that the interaction between user and training is monitored and mapped through an analytics tool .The retention of knowledge and the structure of the modules is guaranteed by defining criteria for the game, which in particular defines the minimum value of assertiveness to overcome a level.

Human Profiler Analytics

All results are monitored by the project leader, with a different access, thus allowing for a precise assertion of the employees’ level of knowledge and the type of training to develop in room, representing full interaction between online and offline.

Human Profiler - Mobile Gamification

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