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iconpost Networking

Human Profiler, daily diversifies its external and internal network contacts, which guarantees the contact with the best industry professionals.

iconpost Database Search

Through the candidate database, we can quickly meet the desired profile by our customers.

iconpost Advertise

Our job offers are published and updated daily, to enable us to identify the best professionals who are actively looking for a new challenge.

iconpost Organizational Diagnosis

It is important for our company not only meet the profile requirements for certain function, but also what is the mission, values and organizational culture of our partners in order to propose candidates who have the required skills profile.

iconpost Job Description

The correct and exhaustive survey of the profile requirements (supported by hard and soft skills criteria) is a central and fundamental aspect in our methodology. It is through this base that we can give answer to the various profiles, in different activity sectors, certifying an excellent service, based on three pillars: accuracy, efficiency and quality.

iconpost Semi-Directive Interview

We use and privilege as technique this kind of interview. Semi directive interview allow us to collect a lot of important information and data for the selection process. Besides the flexibility in developing the questions, where we clarify some aspects during the interview, this technique also permits an optimization of time and the possibility to access too much information.

iconpost Tests and Exams

According the job requirements, tests may be applied (to be appointed), so that we can prepare a full report of the candidates profile skills.

iconpost Matching

Through the personal interview, the candidate is faced with the obtained tests and trials results. It is up to the consultant to analyze the existence of any inconsistency in professional and/ or personal performance which will attest or not the suitability of the candidate's profile.

iconpost References Survey

About our candidates, we request at least two professional references, which is a confidential information and only provided to the client at the end of the process.

iconpost Short List

After the evaluation period, it is defined and proposed a shortlist of selected candidates who comply the requested profile. The client has access to the individual assessment, a simple and objective summary about the profiles so that he can briefly analyze the curriculums of the potential candidates and label the interviews.

iconpost Process Conclusion

After analysis and selection of the final candidate (by the customer), Human Profiler will make a regular and constant follow up with the client and the new employee, thus facilitating their integration into the organization.

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