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We centralize our effort in improving the quality of the services we provide through innovation based on our know-how, specialization, respect for people and technological development, maintaining the rigor of the exercise of our activity, and thus satisfying the needs of our partners.

Through our consultants team, it is possible to establish a rigorous and deep evaluation of technical and behavioural skills required for a particular function.

A detailed description of the job requirements is formulated, where we identify the essential skills to perform the function, as well as any development needs.

Our market knowledge and our specialization in several activities within the industry, allow us to provide the best solutions for our customers.

Selection and recruitment of qualified professionals

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All the recruitment and selection process is made by us, ensuring that our partners are totally focused on their business activity. In a maximum period of 15 days, Human Profiler guarantees the presentation of a short list of candidates who meet the reported needs.


The company’s technical staff includes a team of specialized consultants, who ensure excellence in the research of the best professionals.


Human Profiler appears in the market with knowledge and tools that enable companies to find candidates that best meet their needs and, on the other hand, also supports the candidates in finding a suitable company according to their academic education.


The search for competitiveness and cost reduction has led companies to use other people to perform activities that are not part of its core business. In our BPO area, we work to preserve the client's DNA, we combine people, processes and technology, allowing them to scale-up the costs reductions of employed capital.


Our consultants perform the needs assessment appraisal at the client, so that the targeted proposals can improve the existing social benefits in the company and other privileges, increasing the employees’ satisfaction.

Selection and recruitment of qualified professionals

"ensuring that our partners
are totally focused
on their business activity"

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