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Human Profiler is a Human Resources consultant, specialized in outtask business processes, namely in the areas of selection and personnel recruitment, internships, skill assessments and Business Process Outtask (BPO).

We operate with total flexibility and adapt to the needs of our clients, having a team of experienced consultants in the various functional areas for which we recruit.

We believe that success is in focusing on the business. Our goal is to establish partnerships that allow our clients to not only increase their productivity by improving the quality of their collaborators, but also to the increase the efficiency and reduce the costs and time inherent to the recruitment processes.





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Ana Paula Saraiva

Ana Paula Saraiva, Partner

Ana Paula Saraiva began her career in Investment Banking, in the Human Resources area, where she developed skills that served as the basis for her current position. Throughout 30 years of experience, she witnessed an enormous difficulty in obtaining and retaining collaborators. Seeing the problem persist, she founded Human Profiler in 2009, giving her contribution to the appreciation of people and the implementation of best practices in the selection and recruitment of professionals.

Ricardo Lopes

Ricardo Lopes, Head of Human Resources & Administrative

With a path of more than 19 years in Human Resources, he has a degree in Human Resource Management, and was responsible for HR management in multinational companies in banking, insurance and industrial sectors. Focused on motivation, retention and development of collaborators, he seeks to encourage a culture of proximity, identifying potential talent and supporting its growth through fluid and frequent communication within the teams, thereby recognizing the merit and professional performance of everybody.

Vanessa Canteiro

Vanessa Canteiro, Business Unit Manager

Vanessa Canteiro holds a degree in Management and specializes in Human Resources. She is Business Unit Manager at Human Profiler and intends to contribute with the skills she has acquired over the course of 13 years. She began her career in the Temporary Work area and later in the Training area, where she developed commercial and leadership skills.

Marta Martins

Marta Martins, Business Manager

Currently IT Business Manager at Human Profiler, having started her career in this same company with the position of Business Consultant. Graduated in European Studies and has a taste for communication. She had her first contact with the business world 4 years ago, always associated to its commercial aspect. She aims to acquire and develop skills such as Team Management and Professional Development.

José Belo

José Belo, Business Consultant

Graduated in Human Resource Management, he is a Sales & Marketing Business Consultant at Human Profiler. He believes he can make a difference in the market by making sure he finds the right candidate for the right job. He considers it is people who value organizations, and that is what gives him professional fulfilment.

Sofia Lourenço

Sofia Lourenço, Business Consultant

Graduated in Sociology, she is the newest member of the IT team. With a strong commitment to interpersonal relations, she is a dynamic and dedicated young woman, who intends to take on the Human Resources field. She believes that the fundamental resources in each organization are communication, knowledge, commitment and employee satisfaction, hence her motivation to recruit the best assets in the market.

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Our policy is the result of a set of principles and values that also inspire our actions and dynamics. The pillars of our culture are:
•  Stakeholder satisfaction and compliance with their requirements;
•  Flexibility and autonomy;
•  Development of our human resources;
•  Compliance with applicable legal requirements and the Integrated Management System;
•  Information security guarantee with confidentiality, availability and integrity;
•  Continuous improvement of our operation efficiency and of the Integrated Management System;
•  Risk monitoring;
•  Promote a culture of creativity and innovation;
•  Follow-up and monitoring the technological development;

And because our success depends so much on our technological capability as on our employees, we encourage:
•  Professionalism;
•  Team spirit;
•  Proactivity.

Since all our employees are our best asset, we provide:
•  Good work environment;
•  Career path;
•  Interpersonal communication.



Designação de projeto: Promoção Internacional da Human Profiler

Código do projeto CENTRO-02-0752-FEDER-020564
Objetivo principal: Reforçar a competitividade das pequenas e médias empresas
Região de intervenção: Coimbra
Entidade beneficiária: HUMAN PROFILER, LDA.

Data de aprovação: 2016-11-04
Data de início: 2016-09-01
Data de conclusão: 2018-08-31
Custo total elegível: 274.005,00 €
Apoio financeiro da União Europeia: FEDER 123.302,25 €

Objetivos, atividades e resultados esperados: O presente projeto tem como principal objetivo o reforço da capacitação empresarial da HP, com vista a promover o aumento das suas exportações através da aplicação de novos modelos empresariais e de processos de qualificação para a Internacionalização.
O projeto prevê investimento em conhecimento dos mercados externos, promoção da marca, prospeção e presença nos mercados internacionais, marketing internacional e novos métodos de organização nas práticas comerciais, reforçando a competitividade global da Human Profiler, com o objetivo de aumentar a intensidade das exportações.


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User privacy is important to Human Profiler.
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The data provided by users will be included in the computerized file of Human Profiler, making us responsible for their automated processing and confidentiality based on the following standards:
FIRST: The data obtained from this website will be used for the purpose in the manner and with the limitations and rights established by Portuguese law.
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Human Profiler uses COOKIES. 'Cookies' are pieces of information that your browser stores on your computer's hard drive. Whenever you access our WEBSITE, our server will recognize the 'cookie' and will provide us information about your last visit, enabling us to provide better service.
Most browsers accept the use of 'cookies' automatically. You can, however, modify the browser settings to avoid that.
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Human Profiler does not disclose to third parties any personal data of its Customers and Users, without their consent, except (1) when dealing with Group companies, or (2) when it is necessary so that collaborators, employees, suppliers or partners may provide a product or service or perform a function on behalf of Human Profiler, or (3) where required or permitted by law.
This guarantee can additionally be provided by: SECURE SERVER – YOU MAY ALWAYS KNOW IF A WEBSITE IS SECURE When asked to enter your personal data, regardless of the implemented security system, you can be certain that a website is secure when a closed padlock appears at the top of the browser.
The time period for storage and preservation of personal data of Human Profiler Customers and Users varies according to their purpose.
Personal data of our website and microsites Users will be preserved as long as they remain active and will be deleted when their activity ends.
Personal data provided for our mailing list distribution will be stored until the end of its use. In this case, Clients and Users may cancel, at any time, the subscription of the notifications through the cancellation option provided in the Newsletters.
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The Human Profiler website, microsites and social platforms may contain links to other websites and e-mail addresses of non-Human Profiler companies.
This privacy policy does not apply to such websites and e-mail addresses.
If you access a link available on the Human Profiler website, microsites and social platforms to another website and provide personal data on that site, the processing of the data will be subject to the privacy statement of that website.


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How do we use cookies? The Human Profiler website uses various cookies.
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