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Contact Network

Each day, we diversify our network of external and internal contacts, guaranteeing we keep contact with the best professionals.

Database Search

Our database of candidates allows us to quickly respond to customer needs.

Post Job Offers

Our job offers are published and updated daily, making it possible to identify those who seek a new professional challenge.

Organizational Diagnostics

For a perfect match between client and candidate, it is as important to know the company's requirements profile for the function, as its mission, values and organizational culture.

Requirements Profile

The correct definition of the requirements profile (supported by hard and soft skills criteria) is a central aspect of our methodology. We ensure a selection and recruitment process based on rigor, efficiency and quality.

Completion of the Selection and Recruitment Process

After analysis and selection of the final candidate by the client, we regularly follow the satisfaction of both, thus facilitating the integration of the candidate in your company.

Semi-Directive Interview

The semi-directive interview, also thanks to its flexibility, gives us access to a great wealth of information in a time efficient manner.

Selection Tests

Depending on the requirements of the position, one or more tests may be applied to the candidate, allowing a complete report of the skills profile.


In the face-to-face interview, the candidate is confronted with the results of the tests carried out throughout the selection process. It is up to the consultant to analyze possible incongruities in professional and / or personal performance and attest to the adequacy of the candidate's profile.

Referral Survey

We cross at least two professional references of our candidates. This information is confidential so it is only provided to the customer at the end of the process.

Short List

After the evaluation period, a short list of candidates with the profile requested by the company is presented. The client has access to the individual evaluation and a simple, objective summary about the profiles so that they can quickly analyze the CVs and book interviews.