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//  What is Outsourcing in Information Technology ?

The IT outsourcing model allows companies to obtain a technological partner that ensures the implementation and management of information technology resources, allowing them to enhance their effectiveness in this area.

What can we do for your company's Information Technology structure?

Through our IT outsourcing services, your company can benefit from the know-how and experience of a technology department without having to make changes to the structure of your organisation, or any internal investment in new resources and infrastructure.

Regardless of your company’s dimension or the sector in which it operates, we guarantee a multidisciplinary consulting team, specialising in the implementation and management of your digital assets. Our processes and systems comply with national and international standards and regulations with the certifications:

In practice, it means that we share our experience and skills with your company with a view to adopting best practices in IT management, preventing any constraint from affecting the continuity of your business operation.

//  Why is Information Technology Outsourcing a viable solution for the digital transformation of your company?

Promotes sustainable business growth

Provides access to the latest technologies and procedures

Responds effectively to peaks of activity

Risk is distributed optimally

//  What are the benefits of IT Outsourcing services for your company?

Financial Benefits

//  Fixed Cost Reduction

Our IT outsourcing services provide a notable cost reduction since, when hiring internal resources, time and money are required not only for specialised recruitment, but also for training human resources in such projects. With outsourcing, you can obtain the experience of highly qualified profiles according to your project needs.

//  Lack of Investment in Infrastructure and Technologies

By subscribing to a computer outsourcing service such as Human Profiler, there is no longer any need for investment in technological infrastructure, since we assume all the responsibility regarding that process.

//  Strategic Cost Planning

Given the outsourcing model, you can establish a precise management of the necessary resources and change the capacity allocated to your projects any time, which allows cost optimisation, since there are no longer unused or saturated resources.

Operational Benefits

//  Increased Efficiency

We specialise in outsourcing work methodologies, which will give us the tools and procedures needed to redesign workflows and make your company's operation more efficient.

//  Information Security

The management of sensitive data and information of organisations is a constant challenge that managers face nowadays, as there are always vulnerabilities that companies need to protect themselves against. Our advanced methods and tools protect your digital assets and mitigate the likelihood of improper access, which can put the security and integrity of data at risk, and is therefore very expensive for the operation.

//  Focus on the Core Business

By using Human Profiler's IT outsourcing, all technology and innovation management is our responsibility. In practice, you will have more time and energy to devote yourself to the core points of your business, such as the development of optimised products and services and a close relationship with your customers.

//  Experienced and Specialised Teams

An internal IT team may know your business model well, however, our IT consultants are daily exposed to the most severe technological challenges, operating with the latest technologies, in various sectors and industries. In practice, this multidisciplinary know-how may favour a deeper knowledge to handle any adversity, characteristic of the business world.

//  Fast Project Implementation

You will be able to start projects immediately and continuously with our IT outsourcing services. In the conventional model, a company would have to hire new resources and train them, which could represent a long-term investment.

//  Which technical profiles are available in Outsourcing services ?


Using the most varied technologies, our developers are ready to transform your idea into a computerised system, thus automating your business processes.

Project Managers

The project manager will outline the steps and workflow, ensuring the delivery of a technology product that effectively meets your business needs.


Increasingly necessary in companies, the cybersecurity professional will ensure the security of your business information, preventing any computer threat from jeopardising the continuity of your activity.

Systems Administration

The network administration professional will ensure optimal connection flooding and the management of computer and network resources in all infrastructures.


We provide professionals who will put any software to the test, ensuring that premium standards are reinforced so that systems and technological applications can fully flow when used by its customers.


Before any product or service, a company needs the development of a strong and impactful corporate image, capable of guaranteeing an exclusive and sustainable place with its target audience.

Business Intelligence

Get the best insights using technology and analytics for strategic business decisions. Analysing past performance will help you outline new plans for the future.


Combining development, operations and testing helps us to deliver optimised software products, more reliable and with faster implementations, favouring the satisfaction levels of our customers.

Data Scientists

"Data is the new oil." Not exactly. In fact, extracting relevant information from unstructured and noisy data is a process that requires careful planning, engineering, research, and is filled with obstacles. It involves professionals with multidisciplinary training and experience in Cloud Computing, Mathematics and Statistics, programming, Machine Learning and Data Visualization. Bringing together and maintaining a team of professionals with these skills is time-consuming, expensive, and often the focal point in the decision to implement the project. At Human Profiler we have the profiles to carry out these complex and challenging projects.