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Our team of Human Resources consultants prepares rigorous and in-depth assessments of the technical and behavioral skills required for each open position.

The satisfaction of our clients is the result of the perfect combination between the suitability of the profile of the intended candidate and the motivation for the new professional challenge.

This way, our market knowledge and expertise in the various sectors of activity allow us to present the best solutions in specialized recruitment, ensuring the alignment between our clients and candidates.


We believe that success is in focusing on the business.
Our goal is to establish partnerships that allow our clients to not only increase their productivity by improving the quality of their collaborators, but also to the increase the efficiency and reduce the costs and time inherent to the recruitment processes.

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Selection and

We ensure the presentation of a short list of candidates that fit the needs of your company, while focusing on your core business.


We have a team of specialized Human Resources consultants, who present a work of excellence in the selection of the best profiles.

Business Process
Outtask (BPO)

We work to preserve the company's DNA, combining people, technology and processes, providing scaling and cost reduction.

Experience and
Market Knowledge

With almost a decade of experience in the national and international market, our processes are developed by a team of specialized consultants, ensuring that you will find the right profile in the stipulated schedule.

Human Resources

The proposals we present consider the improvement of the social benefits in place in the company and other benefits that satisfy its collaborators.


It's Human to Human.



//  Xchange Job

Xchange Job

A reliable choice for companies seeking to recruit candidates and for talent seeking a new professional challenge.

The Xchange Job is a job portal with national and international visibility, quick, intuitive and efficient to use. Its main goal is to make the selection and recruitment process increasingly accessible and dynamic for both businesses and job seekers.
From the recruiting perspective, ease of use translates into searching CVs of thousands of candidates on a single platform through different filters and easy placement of positions.
On the other hand, candidates can create their profile for free, which will allow them to search for open opportunities, save those that are of interest to them, and apply to them, among many other features.

For those who are interested in this subject, Xchange Job has an integrated blog that is regularly updated with tips, trends and interesting content so that the ideal opportunity becomes your reality!


In the current context of the labor market, with information increasingly accessible to all business structures and the increasing level of availability that each organization requests from its employees, a transformation has taken place in the process of continuous training (essential for ensuring growth of individuals and organizations). It is essential to motivate collaborators to engage in regular training, ensuring the level of knowledge retention and leveraging the investment in the short and medium term.

Gamification is a Human Resources recruitment and training tool that is customizable to each organization, and allows creating / training teams. The interaction is individual and / or collective and the goal is for collaborators to become experts in certain content.

This recruitment and selection solution is a concrete and innovative response to the essential pillars of executive training:


Intervention time


Low intervention cost


Strong impact and willingness to acquire knowledge from stakeholders


High retention of knowledge from the participants


Ability to measure impact and retention of training in real time


Involvement of participants in training programs


The learning concept is based on the Quiz process and the 'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire' of a particular theme. In this logic, knowledge and retention result from learning by trial and error.
Healthy competition between collaborators for knowledge and the opportunity to challenge themselves through Challenges fuels the dynamics between them. This solution guarantees recognition, status and achievement, making the interaction between user-knowledge-organization fundamental.


The content is customized to people, teams, leadership profiles or the entire organization, and the dynamics between user and training is monitored and mapped through an analytics tool.
Knowledge retention and the structuring of the modules is guaranteed by defining a set of criteria per game, where the minimum value of assertiveness to overcome a level is specifically defined.


All results are monitored by the project managers, with different accesses, this way allowing a rigorous definition of the collaborators’ level of knowledge and the typology of the training to be developed in the room, in a complete interaction between online and offline.