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Human Profiler is a human resources consulting company, specialized in recruitment and selection of qualified profiles. We act with complete flexibility and adaptation to our customers' needs, featuring a team of experienced consultants in the various functional areas for which we recruit.


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Our main goal is to establish partnerships that allow our customers not only increase productivity by improving the quality of human capital, but also the efficiency and cost savings, allowing a total concentration and focus on their core business.


What we value are people. When we're able to work for (their) future, it is important that we contribute to the success of all those involved in the process, we strive daily with and for the people.

Our routine is established under the premise of commitment with our customers, partners, employees and candidates. We get involved and take responsibility towards people and organizations.

We value transparency, this is one of the standards of our personality, we favor clarity and quality in our communications, which is reflected in the nature of our business relationships. Our intention is to establish partnerships and together achieve the outlined goals.

People are the primary capital and it is with them that we build the future of organizations. Our mission is to select the best professionals in order to meet our customers' needs, offering the most efficient and transparent solutions.

Human Profiler - Mission & Value



Systematically satisfying the interested parties, meeting their demands, relative both to the supplied products and the executed services;

Guaranteeing a high level of expertise of all our collaborators and their technical development;

Continuously improving our operational efficiency, not only by adequately reacting to faults, but also anticipating potential problems;

Complying with the necessary legal requisites or any other related to Quality Management in the company;

Promoting management by objectives and continuously monitoring indicators to increase performance.

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