Why choose Human Profiler as a partner for candidate recruitment and selection?

Specialised know-how

The Human Profiler team's in-depth and strategic knowledge of various business areas provides an objective identification of the best qualified profiles.

Reduced cost

We know that the internal recruitment process is an important financial and time investment. Working with Human Profiler means delegating the whole recruitment process, and easing the associated costs.

Optimised management

Outsourcing the recruitment and selection process allows the internal team to focus on the company's activities and objectives.

Efficient recruiting

Our goal is to recruit in the most intelligent and efficient way, by selecting the most suitable profile for the job opportunity. This is the only way to make a positive contribution to retaining talent and reducing turnover in your company, generating healthier working environments.

Time optimisation

By delegating the recruitment project to us, its duration and risk until the actual hiring will be substantially lower when compared to an internal hiring process, given the reduced possibility of an unsuccessful selection by a non-specialised team in the process.


Candidate recruitment and selection procedure


Project needs assessment

At this stage, the focus is on outlining the client's objectives with the new hire. The more detailed and accurate this initial briefing is, the more successful the selection of the company's new resource will be.


Database search

After the need is identified, we carry out an internal database search for potential profiles whose training and experience match the project's requirements.


Creating job vacancies

Updated on a daily basis, our job vacancies page is one of the places where current vacancies are published and through which applicants can actively send their applications.


Identifying candidates for interview

Our recruitment team has real-time access to the applications received, and will proceed with an expert screening of all CVs sent. Here begins the analysis of the candidates who best match the requirements of the vacancy, taking into account their training and professional experience.


Creating a shortlist of potential candidates

After an initial analysis, we then proceed to create a shortlist, where we screen all the applicants and select those who best meet the client's needs.


Interview stage

During this process, Human Profiler team analyzes in detail candidates' soft and hard skills as well as their motivations in order to identify the perfect fit for our clients' different opportunities. We conduct competency-based interviews, share analytical/descriptive reports and perform a strict reference control of the respective candidates.


Identifying talent

A list of the most adequate qualified profiles for the open recruitment need is provided to the client, allowing them to analyse their performance in more detail throughout the selection process.


Final decision

Once all the relevant information is available, the client will make the final decision on the selected candidate, who in turn will receive the corresponding feedback, as well as the remaining non-selected elements. The general conditions and benefits of the new position are presented in order to formalise the hiring.

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