Frequently asked questions about our recruitment and selection process

We provide a wide range of recruitment solutions for your company, including:

We have over a decade of know-how and experience across several operational areas. Please visit our areas of expertise page.

From cost flexibility to the specialisation that allows your teams to be available for other important business tasks, there are numerous advantages in using our services to hire the next professional for your company.

Each project has its own specific features and needs with regard to the time frame for the new hire to take place. In turn, these deadlines may vary depending on the effective availability of the talent pool that best meets the vacancy requirements. However, our teams are focused and aligned to develop the process as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We manage each recruitment process in a unique way and customise our methodologies and resources, taking into account the client's needs, which makes each project unique. Naturally, the investment will vary according to the process. Please contact us for a consultation here.

From needs assessment to final hiring, every step is crucial in finding the ideal candidate for your company. Find out all the details about our recruitment process.

As much as you want. When a company hires our recruitment and selection services, it is based on the premise that the new recruitment will be delegated to recruitment specialists. From that moment on, you can follow-up and intervene in the process whenever you wish. You can decide to provide information for the needs assessment and delegate the rest of the process to us. Or it may also be viable to have an active presence only in certain stages. As a client, the decision will always be yours.

To clarify any questions about our services please email us at, or alternatively use our contact form.

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