Portugal as one of the best IT nearshoring destinations

Incredible pool of technological talent

The Portuguese are also known for their technical and technological skills. For your business, it means benefiting from highly specialised know-how, because our openness to new challenges and to acquiring knowledge makes us a worldwide reference in technical and interpersonal skills.

Strategic localisation

We are strategically located in the heart of Europe and at the centre of the world. We have a time zone very similar to some European capitals, which favours team communication and collaboration. In addition, we have an air travel network that quickly places us in other European destinations in a short period of time.

Favourable weather

We have a Mediterranean climate, which makes Portugal one of the mildest countries in Europe. The seasons are well defined, which make it easy to adapt. We also have a 1000 km long coastline, with beaches of calm seas and crystalline waters - the perfect scenario for enjoying the 260 days of sunshine a year on average that this country offers.

Advanced infrastructure

Our strategic location, by the ocean, allows us to benefit from high internet speeds and low latency, which makes Portugal a reference not only for its robustness in digital connections, but also in terms of technological infrastructure and great data centre storage capacity.

Reduced costs

Compared to other European capitals, where the possibilities of a nearshore model are also validated, Portugal benefits from a more competitive cost of living, while maintaining the exquisite levels of qualified professionals.

Social and political stability

We are a country where a peaceful atmosphere has long been established, both in the social and the political spectrum, which has positively granted us positions of reference in studies on the security of nations. That is why Portugal is currently ranked as the third safest country in the world.

Compatible cultures, mindset and languages

Practicing nearshoring in a country like Portugal reduces the risk of divergent cultures and visions towards work. Easily adaptable to multicultural environments, we are compatible with the working methods of most European countries, creating the perfect synergies for effective project development.

Benefits of an IT nearshoring with Human Profiler

Access to top technology talent

Our IT nearshoring services give you full access to qualified professionals and know-how in the most varied technological fields. We know that there are projects that, due to their specific characteristics, require the collaboration of skilled professionals for an indefinite period of time, which may not be compatible with internal recruitment.

Cost reduction and flexibility

The costs involved in a new hire may prevent the development of some projects. The flexible component of our nearshore service offers a complete adjustment and monitoring of your business scalability.

An increased competitive edge

In this age, access to technology is an essential pillar in every company's strategy. Having an IT structure capable of meeting the requirements of the entire operation is not only key to the prosperity of the organisational objectives, but also represents an important competitive advantage in the face of competition.

Business scalability

Having access to technology means being active and participating in an era of global business planning and execution, addressing challenges of different kinds and scale. Whether it's new products, services, markets or new ways to execute in the most efficient way, technology delivers sustainable scalability across the business.

Focusing on your core business

Delegate to your teams what they are actually set up to do and your IT structure to competent professionals with years of proven experience in each technological field.

Increased efficiency

Dedicated teams generate more and better results. We believe that each professional should focus on their area of expertise. We are specialists in IT outsourcing methodologies, which gives us the tools and procedures necessary to manage all project stages.

Difference between nearshoring, offshoring and onshoring

In broad terms, all these modalities derive from outsourcing, which is based on the externalisation of processes, with the purpose of reducing the companies' operating costs. With very similar characteristics between them, nearshoring and offshoring emerge as two viable solutions for organisations seeking to outsource fundamental parts of the business, with one crucial point in their selection: location. In the offshoring model, the company contracting the service is geographically distant from the company providing the service, sometimes in different continents. Therefore, since geographical and cultural proximity is one of the greatest advantages of this service, it is inconceivable for a company to have this marked distance which, in some cases, can represent a 12-hour time difference, compromising full collaboration between teams.
On the other hand, nearshoring is a more viable alternative in the sense that both the contracting party and the solution provider are geographically close to each other, even though they are located in different countries. Here, there is a location within the same continent, which provides more compatible working hours, thus sustaining a more consolidated collaboration.
Onshoring, in turn, is the most well-known and most associated model to outsourcing. Through this collaboration scheme, the service is contracted to an external company, within the same country, which may or may not be in a different city. It is through onshoring that a company may invest within its country of origin and in its economy, although it may choose to contract the service outside large urban centres, where the cost of living may be higher and thus make the project more profitable, avoiding possible constraints of a scheme where the service is contracted to a geographically distant partner.

Find out if IT nearshoring can be an advantage for your company

You need to create a new IT department or optimise an existing one

You are facing a very specific technological need

You need to cut operational costs and make them more flexible

You prioritise investment in information security

You aim to increase IT infrastructure innovation and quality

You believe in technology as a competitive edge against competition

You do not plan on investing time and resources in new recruitment processes

You prefer having a team on standby for projects with immediate start-up

If you marked most of these situations, please contact us.

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