What are the benefits of IT outsourcing for your business?

Flexible costs

Our IT outsourcing services provide significant cost reduction, validating the possibility of flexible investment. We understand that there are times when your operation needs a technological core, and other times when demand stabilizes. The flexibility of the service allows you to contract at the rhythm of your business.

Access to new skills and cutting-edge technologies

It is through IT outsourcing that you can bring new know-how to your company. The versatility of the service allows you to choose strategically what you need, efficiently meeting the technological needs, without having to make changes in the structure of your company.

More security

One of the main goals and challenges of this Digital Age is information management and security. As the main asset of organisations, companies need to protect themselves from unauthorised access attempts and other threats that put digital assets at risk. Our outsourcing services will provide your company with a clear view of the critical points and how you can protect your digital assets.

Time optimisation

We understand that the hiring process, besides representing an added cost, is time consuming for the teams. Not only because of the immediate availability of a technological response, but also because implementation times are notably faster.

Business scalability

With an IT structure ensured by our outsourcing service, you can explore other potential businesses or new projects thanks to the scalability that this collaboration system allows. Growth is sustained and the availability of resources will be adjusted.

Increased efficiency

Dedicated teams generate more and better results. We believe that each professional should focus on their area of expertise. We are specialists in IT outsourcing methodologies, which gives us the tools and procedures necessary to manage all project stages.

Focus on core business

In practice, with our services, your company will have delegated all the technology and innovation management, which means you have more time and energy to manage your teams and key points of your business.

Quick response to errors and other constraints

Technical problems may happen and they can severely affect the daily operation of your company. We guarantee a quick response to any adversity that may occur or that may represent an imminent risk to the company operation.

Optimised risk management

The IT industry is constantly changing, which significantly increases the risk of business investment in these areas. So when you collaborate with an IT outsourcing company like Human Profiler, your risk exposure is substantially reduced, as we take strategic responsibility based on our deep industry knowledge.

Why your company should use an IT outsourcing model

Shortage of IT professionals

The demand for Information Technology professionals has increased significantly, resulting in greater pressure for those who want to move forward with projects immediately and depend on the availability of qualified resources.

Specific technology positions

There are some roles which, either due to their complexity or some technological particularity, present a shortage of supply, which may represent a delay or hindrance to project follow-up.

Project complexity

Whether due to the difficulty or the dimension of the projects, you may have a scenario where only a complete and solid team can meet the expectations and requirements of the development.

Business seasonality

There are businesses that require greater responsiveness at some times and less at others. The seasonality of the business may be represented with a peak of infrastructure urgency, either positive or negative, which with the variable and flexible resources component through IT outsourcing, will be simpler to manage and respond to.

Technology consulting and planning

In business, planning is what allows us to outline strategies and analyse whether the core business goals are being met. With long-term projection, our IT outsourcing services ensure that you have the necessary support for sustained development into the future.

Cost efficiency

If you are in search of mitigating the investment that the internal recruitment of IT professionals can represent, outsourcing is the model that allows you to obtain both new knowledge for the structure and the flexibility of investment.

What are the technical profiles of the IT outsourcing services available

Capable of building and implementing new software, the development teams ensure innovation and new ways of thinking and dealing with the daily challenges of the business routine, making the whole operation technologically more efficient.

From planning to budgeting, all the way to task delegation and final product or service delivery, project managers ensure that all requirements are met, raising quality standards and keeping operational costs low.

Cybersecurity professionals actively seek to anticipate and prevent cyberattacks. Increasingly sophisticated and frequent, these attacks seek improper and unauthorised access to one of the most precious assets of organisations: data.

From local network management to wide area networks, these teams ensure the organisation and installation of companies' computer systems. In order to keep the entire IT structure up and running, they solve problems and update hardware and software on a daily basis.

To ensure full usability of the new software, these professionals develop and conduct tests in order to verify compliance with the initially stipulated requirements. In constant synergy with the development teams, testers actively contribute to the delivery of high-quality software.

With functions similar to those of developers, web designers create visual layouts and develop their structure by programming pages or complete websites. Active participants in the entire website creation cycle, these professionals ensure the aesthetics and usability of new pages.

All business decisions must be based on data about past performance to project the next strategy. BI professionals are responsible for extracting, storing and analysing data that is central to the company's operations. Through dashboards and analysis methodologies, these professionals can develop a graphical representation of the main business KPIs.

With more and more demand in organisations, DevOps is ultimately a working methodology that aims to solve any gaps between development teams and operations. These positions are filled by people whose daily mission focuses on combining processes and technology in order to increase the companies' implementation capacity.

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